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Proxy Bride books

I realize I have been remiss in listing all of the books in the first round of this series. There are ten of us writing in the series. Mine, A Bride for Carter, was book six. There are four more to follow and we’re planning for at least one more round. Check out these great reads )

A Bride for Jeremiah by Christine Sterling

A Bride for Clay by Marianne Spitzer

A Bride for Nathan by Barbara Goss

A Bride for Abel by Cyndi Raye

A Bride for Finn by Linda Ellen

A Bride for Carter by Wendy May Andrews [mine ūüėČ ]

A Bride for Charles by H. L. Roberts

A Bride for Sterling by Parker J. Cole – coming soon

A Bride for Henry by P. Creeden – coming soon

A Bride for Braylon by George McVey – coming soon

Proxy Brides – my new series

According to Merriam-Webster:


1: the agency, function, or office of a deputy who acts as a substitute for another

2a: authority or power to act for another

b: a document giving such authority

And according to Wikipedia:

Beginning in the¬†Middle Ages, European monarchs and nobility sometimes married by proxy. Examples include the marriage of¬†Mary, Queen of Hungary¬†to¬†Louis I, Duke of Orl√©ans¬†in 1385, the wedding at Eltham on 3 April, 1402 between Henry IV and Joan, the daughter of Charles II, King of Navarre, that of¬†Catherine of Aragon¬†to¬†Prince Arthur¬†in 1499, while a¬†famous 17th-century painting¬†by¬†Peter Paul Rubens¬†depicts the proxy marriage of¬†Marie de’ Medici¬†in 1600.¬†Charles I of England¬†married¬†Henrietta Maria of France¬†by proxy on 1 May 1625, and a well-known example more recently involved the marriage of¬†Napoleon I of France¬†and the Austrian Archduchess¬†Marie Louisein 1810. By the end of the 19th century the practice had largely died out.

As of 2015, various Internet sites offer to arrange proxy and double-proxy marriages for a fee, although the service can generally be set up by any lawyer in a jurisdiction that offers proxy marriage.¬†Video conferencing¬†allows couples to experience the ceremony together.¬†A unique “space wedding” took place on August 10, 2003 when Ekaterina Dmitriev married¬†Yuri Malenchenko, a¬†cosmonaut¬†orbiting¬†the Earth in the¬†International Space Station, by proxy in¬†Texas, US.

So that’s the history ūüôā Now on to what it has to do with me:

I was invited to join a multi-author project several months ago. We’re ten authors all writing in the same series. The premise is everyone is writing about a couple who, for various reasons, need to marry by proxy. It’s like mail-order brides but taken to a bit of an extreme – they haven’t even written to each other for the most part. Someone else stands in as the groom for the legalities. I’m fascinated by the different stories the other authors have come up with.

The books are releasing every two weeks. My first one comes out this Thursday!! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. And tell me, can you even imagine marrying someone like this?