Mayfair Mayhem SeriesMayfair Mayham

Enjoy this three book series set in Regency era England, written by Wendy May Andrews. Be swept away on this sweet romantic suspense adventure as three friends find the happiness they never thought possible.

The Duke Conspiracy

Anything is possible with a spying debutante, a duke, and a conspiracy.

The Duke Conspiracy ebookGrowing up, Rose and Alex were the best of friends until their families became embroiled in a feud. Now, the Season is throwing them into each other’s company. Despite the spark of attraction they might feel for one another, they each want very different things in life, besides needing to support their own family’s side in the dispute.

Miss Rosamund Smythe is finding the Season to be a dead bore after spying with her father, a baron diplomat, in Vienna. She wants more out of life than just being some nobleman’s wife. When she overhears a plot to entrap Alex into a marriage of convenience, her intrigue and some last vestige of loyalty causes them to overcome the feud.

His Grace, Alexander Milton, the Duke of Wrentham, wants a quiet life with a “proper” wife after his tumultuous childhood. His parents had fought viciously, lied often, and Alex had hated it all.

Rose’s meddling puts her in danger. Alex will have to leave the simple peace he craves to claim a love he never could have imagined. Can they claim their happily ever after despite the turmoil?

A The Duke Conspiracy is available now from Amazon.

The Countess Intrigue

Engaged to a rumored murderer. What’s a lady to do?

The Countess Intrigue ebookDuring her second Season, Lady Elizabeth Castleton is found in a compromising situation with Lord Justice Sinclair, the Earl of Heath. Despite her attraction to him, she is dismayed to find herself betrothed to a man who is rumored to have killed his first wife. Her parents refuse to lend credence to the rumors nor listen to her argument that nothing indecent took place, so she is soon married and on the way to her husband’s estate.

She cannot decide what to make of the handsome earl but after an attempt is made on her life, Elizabeth is terrified that history is about to repeat itself. She determines to find out once and for all if she is married to a murder.

Can she stay alive long enough to find her happily ever after?

The Countess Intrigue is available now from Amazon.
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The Viscount Deception

Sparks fly. Will they burn bridges or warm hearts?

Viscount Deception, The

After almost becoming a pawn in a villain’s schemes, Lady Anne is firming her backbone and grasping independence. But that doesn’t change the fact that she needs to make an advantageous marriage to pull her family out of destitution.

Confirmed bachelor, Wesley Dunbar, Viscount of Bracondale, is furious when he learns of her involvement in the plot against his best friend. But he’s also mesmerized by Anne’s transformation from a country duckling to a fierce and beautiful swan.

Wesley and Anne’s ambitions couldn’t be more different, so why can’t they stay away from each other? Will they both be able to find what they seek by mending their differences and standing side-by-side?

The Viscount Deception is available now from Amazon.

The Proxy Brides Series Proxy Brides Series

Think Mail Order Brides except they marry by proxy before they even meet!

Enjoy this twenty two book series by multiple authors with three already written by Wendy May Andrews and one more coming soon.

A Bride for Carter

They didn’t meet until after the wedding day.

A Bride for CarterCarter McLain has finally accomplished the success he was striving for when he moved to the frontier a decade ago. All that’s missing is a wife to share it with. Having no desire to leave his land, he requests a friend back home to arrange a proxy marriage for him. When his bride seems too good to be true, Carter wonders if he did the right thing.

The highly publicized deaths of Ella St. Clair’s parents cause her to lose everything. Left destitute, alone, and friendless, she grudgingly accepts the offer of marriage by proxy to a man she has never met. The long trip West leaves her plenty of time for second thoughts.

What does the future hold for these legally bound strangers? Can they get past their secrets to find happiness?

A Bride for Carter is available now from Amazon.

A Bride for Ransom

A Bride for Ransom ebook coverRansom is just looking for a mother for his orphaned niece. The fact that she’s from Boston is a bonus. Their arrangement allows him to get out of town.

Hannah needs a husband. Her new name will protect her siblings. The fact that he lives in the back of beyond gives them a place to hide. She hadn’t counted on him being so appealing.

But what happens when they realize how very permanent their proxy marriage truly is?

A Bride for Ransom is available now from Amazon.

A Bride for Alastair

Secrets divide them. Could love build a bridge to help them overcome their deceptions?

proxy 3 w m andrewsJane was full of resentment and fear when the man she had married by proxy came to collect her. She resented the circumstances that required her to marry and was afraid of being tied to a stranger, especially a stranger she had to keep secrets from.

Alastair Fredericksburg, Fred to his friends, had arranged successful proxy marriages for a few of his friends but still had mixed feelings about marriage due to his sister’s unhappy union. He was understandably hesitant when his friends Ella and Carter McLain contacted him requesting that he arrange a marriage for their friend, Jane.

When a sudden inheritance that would solve many of his sister’s problems is dependent on his marriage, Fred can’t decide if it’s the Devil or Providence watching out for him. Since Carter had already sent Jane’s proxy, Fred quickly signs and registers their marriage. After making sure his sister was secure, Fred boarded the westbound train to claim his wife.

Jane was certain it was only the sweet wine they had been drinking that had caused her to agree to Ella’s rash suggestion. She had failed to tell Ella of the secrets that made her an ineligible match for Alastair Fredericksburg.

Would she be able to keep her secrets from her new husband? And could they ever be happy while divided by deception?

A Bride for Alistair is available now from Amazon.

Orphan Train Series

Orphan Train SeriesRead about three young women as they accompany a train load of orphans traveling to their new lives out West. The women find love while helping the children find happiness.

Enjoy this four book series written exclusively by Wendy May Andrews.


Orphan Train Series Prequel – Book 1

Sophie is a short prequel that sets up this fascinating storyline.

His pursuit of her threatens everything – except her heart

Sophie Cover ImageSophie Brooks has lived at the orphanage since she was ten years old. Now nineteen, she’s not only a resident, she works there as well. It’s the only true home she can remember and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep it safe.

When her budding relationship with the son of one of the orphanage’s benefactors threatens the charity’s funding, Sophie must choose between her loyalties and her heart.

Sophie is available now from Amazon


Orphan Train Series – Book 2

v2 ebookShe ran away and found home

Spring 1854

New York City debutante, Cassandra Morley has grown close to a trio of young brothers while volunteering at an orphanage. When the three boys are sent on the train to Missouri to be adopted, she accompanies them despite how displeased her high society family is likely to be.

Single rancher, Charles Ainsworth, is glad to be in a position to provide a new home for three brothers. He has no use for the citified young woman who keeps stopping by to check on them, despite how beautiful he finds her. He feels obligated to tolerate her visits to please his new sons.

Their differences cause them to fight their attraction to one another, but when one of the boys goes missing, they have to learn to trust each other in order to bring him home.

Cassie is now available from Amazon.


Orphan Train Series – Book 3

Can she risk love without sacrificing her independence?Katie ebook cover

Early Summer 1854

When Katie’s husband and baby died, she vowed to never face such heartache again. Accompanying a trainload of orphans to their new lives in Missouri affords Katie the opportunity to start a new life of her own. She jumps at the chance, determined to grab life with both hands.

Doctor Wyatt Jeffries doesn’t appreciate Katie’s independence and determination. Having had his heart broken when his first wife’s illness turned her into a hard-hearted hellion, Wyatt is looking for a wife who will be happy staying home and raising babies. So he doesn’t understand why he can’t stop thinking about the town’s new seamstress.

When the deadly threat of a mysterious illness looms, Katie and Wyatt are forced to work together to save their town. Is there any chance they can save their own hearts too?

Katie is now available from Amazon


Orphan Train Series – Book 4

Two challenged hearts. One true love? 

Summer 1854Melanie eBook cover

The death of her mother when she was ten years old left Melanie Jones with too many responsibilities. Raising her younger siblings under the weight of her father’s unkind words filled her with insecurities. Despite those early years, she’s determined to make a new life for herself. Moving far away from home, she boards a train to escort the latest load of orphans to Missouri.  
Abandoned by his wife then widowed, Cole Miller is forced to raise his daughter on his own. Though his sister is supposed to help, she’s more liability than asset. When a beautiful newcomer arrives in town, her doubts and insecurities leave Cole uninterested. He’s had his fill of women like his wife and sister.  
When Melanie steps in to help Cole with his daughter, he’s able to see beyond her timidity and discover her beautiful and gracious soul. Will his discovery be enough for him to let go of his own uncertainties? Is Melanie ready for a family of her own? 

Melanie is now available from Amazon

A Dangerous Debut

Danger. Deception. True love?

Dangerous Debut New Cover

Daisy meets Lord Jasper Seaton quite by accident while standing outside a closed employment office. The handsome viscount proposes they might be able to help each other out. He offers to hire her to accompany him to visit his parents while posing as a potential love interest.

Being a proper lady, if only a “Miss”, Daisy objects to such an inappropriate proposition. Once the viscount is able to convince her that he will observe all proprieties, she reluctantly agrees while secretly looking forward to experiencing the aristocratic life, if even just for a week.

When a shady character from her past shows up looking for her, Jasper’s protective instincts kick in. But will it interfere with his own reasons for the ruse?  Jasper’s feelings for Daisy get even more muddled when she is abducted.

Their masquerade could lead to true love if her past doesn’t destroy them first.

​A Dangerous Debut is available now from Amazon 

The Reluctant Debutante

Are the possibilities worth the price?

The Reluctant Debutante New ebook cover

The Duke of Wychwood seeks retribution from the Earl of Pickering. When he finds out the earl has a beautiful young niece, the duke thinks to involve her in his feud, but is shocked to discover he is attracted to her.

The orphaned niece of the earl, Lady Victoria, serves as governess to four of his children and is made to feel like an interloper in her own home. A chance encounter with the duke affords her the opportunity to enter Society, but to take it means risking what little security she has.

Revenge and love don’t sit well together, to have a future can they learn to give up the past?

The Reluctant Debutante is available now from Amazon

Sweet Surrender

Can a lost love be rekindled?

Sweet Surrender Ebook cover

When Lady Julianna ended her engagement to Lord Ackerley, Viscount Beaumont, during her first Season, she left London vowing never to return.

Seven years later she returns as chaperone to her niece and unfortunately Lord Ackerley is also in Town for the Season. Moving around the small circle of the ton stirs up feelings she has kept hidden. Embarrassed and ashamed that she made a mistake in ending their previous relationship, she tries to avoid further contact. Ackerley, stunned by her second rejection, pursues her to discover the truth.

Is it ever too late for a second chance at love?

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The Debutante Bride

First comes marriage, then comes love.

Deb Bride Ebook Cover

Miss Elizabeth Dunseith grew up in genteel poverty, happy despite her abusive father and weak mother. The marriage her father has arranged for her seems shady, but despite her fears for her future, Beth is relieved to get away from home with her handsome, new husband.

Justin Fulton, Earl of Westfield, is puzzled by the contradictory behavior of his purchased bride. One moment she is haughty and cool, the next she is warm and endearing.

Their relationship is just starting to develop when Justin’s meddling sister throws them off course and an old friend of Beth’s complicates matters further.

Can their differences get sorted before it’s too late to claim their happily ever after?

The Debutante Bride is available for Kindle or in print from Amazon.
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The Governess Debut

The governess must charm both the spoiled child and the haughty earl.

The Governess' Debut Cover

Orphaned and destitute, gently born Felicia Scott must find a way to keep a roof over her head. No longer able to enter the Marriage Mart, but also not of the servant class, the only option is to find a position as governess.

After his spoiled, seven year old daughter has sent off three governesses in the 18 months since her mother died, the Earl of Standish doubts the young, inexperienced Miss Scott could possible manage the position. Since he’s desperate and she comes so highly recommended, the earl agrees to give her a chance. Much to everyone’s amazement, the beautiful, young governess succeeds where the others had failed. The entire household benefits from the calm, including the jaded earl.

How does he overcome his arrogance to see his governess’ true value? Will her joyful spirit be able to finally melt his resistant heart?

The Governess Debut is available now through Amazon!
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Tempting the Earl

Can a case of mistaken identity lead to true love?

Tempting the Earl

Emily must masquerade as an Earl’s servant for reasons she’s not willing to divulge. To her astonishment she finds she enjoys the role, but unfortunately finds herself attracted to the haughty young Earl.

He too struggles with an attraction to his beautiful new maid, but has his mind set on pursuing a courtship with the much more appropriate Lady Maude.

Who is Emily?
Why is she hiding in the Earl’s household?

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