Proxy Brides

The Proxy Brides Series

Think Mail Order Brides except they marry by proxy before they even meet!

This large multi-author series has four books written by Wendy May Andrews. In each book the bride doesn’t meet her husband until after they are already married by proxy.
Each has an element of western life and train travel set in 1855. Follow along on their romantic adventure.

A Bride for Carter

They didn’t meet until after the wedding day.

A Bride for Carter

Carter McLain has finally accomplished the success he was striving for when he moved to the frontier a decade ago. All that’s missing is a wife to share it with. Having no desire to leave his land, he requests a friend back home to arrange a proxy marriage for him. When his bride seems too good to be true, Carter wonders if he did the right thing.
The highly publicized deaths of Ella St. Clair’s parents cause her to lose everything. Left destitute, alone, and friendless, she grudgingly accepts the offer of marriage by proxy to a man she has never met. The long trip West leaves her plenty of time for second thoughts.
What does the future hold for these legally bound strangers? Can they get past their secrets to find happiness?

A Bride for Carter is available now from Amazon.

A Bride for Ransom

A Bride for Ransom ebook cover

Ransom is just looking for a mother for his orphaned niece. The fact that she’s from Boston is a bonus. Their arrangement allows him to get out of town.
Hannah needs a husband. Her new name will protect her siblings. The fact that he lives in the back of beyond gives them a place to hide. She hadn’t counted on him being so appealing.
But what happens when they realize how very permanent their proxy marriage truly is?

A Bride for Ransom is available now from Amazon.

A Bride for Alastair

Secrets divide them. Could love build a bridge to help them overcome their deceptions?

proxy 3 w m andrews

Jane was full of resentment and fear when the man she had married by proxy came to collect her. She resented the circumstances that required her to marry and was afraid of being tied to a stranger, especially a stranger she had to keep secrets from.
Alastair Fredericksburg, Fred to his friends, had arranged successful proxy marriages for a few of his friends but still had mixed feelings about marriage due to his sister’s unhappy union. He was understandably hesitant when his friends Ella and Carter McLain contacted him requesting that he arrange a marriage for their friend, Jane.
When a sudden inheritance that would solve many of his sister’s problems is dependent on his marriage, Fred can’t decide if it’s the Devil or Providence watching out for him. Since Carter had already sent Jane’s proxy, Fred quickly signs and registers their marriage. After making sure his sister was secure, Fred boarded the westbound train to claim his wife.
Jane was certain it was only the sweet wine they had been drinking that had caused her to agree to Ella’s rash suggestion. She had failed to tell Ella of the secrets that made her an ineligible match for Alastair Fredericksburg.
Would she be able to keep her secrets from her new husband? And could they ever be happy while divided by deception?

A Bride for Alistair is available now from Amazon.

A Bride for Hamilton

Marry in haste, repent at leisure…

Sadie Fitzsimmons must choose between total destitution and marriage by proxy with someone she’s never met.
When Sadie steps off the train to meet her new husband for the first time, life in Nebraska is not at all what she had expected. Torn between honoring the vows she spoke to a stranger, and her desire to be free of all obligations, Sadie must face the consequences of her choices.
Hamilton Foster had worked hard for his successes. All that was missing from his perfect life was a family of his own. Sending home to Boston for a wife seemed like a good idea until she arrived and she was too pretty to be trusted.
Follow along to see if these two can find their happily ever after.

A Bride for Alistair is available now from Amazon.

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