Sherton Sisters

The Sherton Sisters Series

The Bequest Book Series

The Sherton Sisters series follows the High Society activities of the five daughters of the Earl of Sherton. Follow along with them through the ballrooms and salons of Regency era England as they find love and adventure where they least expect it.

She’s waiting for true love.
He’s tasked with uncovering the truth.
When nefarious schemes threaten her reputation, he finds his heart on the line with it.

A Duke to Conspire cover
A Duke to Conspire

Lady Rosabel, eldest daughter of the Earl of Sherton, has no interest in being a Duchess, despite countless proposals from eligible nobility. Secretly, she is waiting for a love match—preferably with someone who carries no title. Bel’s third Season is predictably disappointing until the mysterious Duke of Wexford arrives and has her questioning her plans to refuse any suitor with his status.

James Allingham, the 6th Duke of Wexford, seems to have inherited the role as advisor to the ailing King along with the dukedom. Investigating Lord Prescott’s schemes is tricky enough without the interference of Lady Rosabel. She is beautiful and intelligent, but Wexford has no time for courting.

Wexford needs to uncover everything about Prescott’s plans to destabilize the colonies. When Lady Rosabel is implicated in the schemes, James fights his suspicions of—and his attraction to—the beautiful young woman as he presses on to find the truth.

Discover the page-turning intrigue of this clean Regency romance today!

A Viscount to Conspire

This fake relationship could prove to be a royal mess.

A Viscount to Conspire

Lady Hilaria Sherton is determined to wed a duke—any duke will do. Viscount Eastwood is entirely unsuitable, of course. When he proposes a pretend courtship with him that could increase her status in the ton, Hilaria agrees to his scheme, despite her low opinion of him.

Viscount Camden Eastwood needs his overbearing mother to quit trying to marry him off. He knows she will consider Lady Hilaria to be unsuitable despite her being the daughter of an earl. Hilaria’s own snobbery convinces Cam she’ll be the perfect partner for his plans.

Their ruse is even more successful than they could have expected, so why aren’t they happy about it? What should they do when their pretend relationship doesn’t feel so fake anymore?

Dive into this clean, Regency romance full of memorable characters, historical charm, and a heartwarming happily-ever-after.

A Gentleman to Avoid

To save her reputation, she’ll have to marry the one man she said she never would.

A Gentleman to Avoid

Mr. Ashford Northcott, fourth son of the Earl of Everleigh, has been highly successful in business. The only thing missing is a partner for the life he’s built. Ash can’t seem to stay away from Lady Vigilia. Too bad she doesn’t seem to return his regard.

Lady Vigilia Sherton—Vicky to her friends—thinks being a debutante is a dead bore. Stuck in London for her third Season, she’s hoping to find a suitable husband, but she can’t get the charming Mr. Northcott out of her mind–even if she knows too much to consider a match.

When Vicky finds herself at a house party with Ashford Northcott, circumstances get even trickier. Can she extricate herself with both her heart and her reputation intact? Or might she had been wrong about the assumptions she had made?

A Lady to Reveal

Can they overcome their secrets to embrace a life together?

A Lady to Reveal

Lady Felicity has no interest in Society’s expectations, and positively dreads being married off to a life without purpose. Desperate for a change of scenery, she hides her noble heritage and takes on the role of companion for the young daughter of a Duke.

Gilbert Barrington, the Duke of Rathnelly, feels constant pressure to provide financially in a way his own father never did. His keen business sense has served him well, though his hardworking nature is better left a secret in High Society. A widower with three children, the Duke is far more concerned with keeping the estate from crumbling than finding a new wife.

When Gilbert notices his daughter’s new companion is especially intelligent and inquisitive, he fears his own secret industrialist ways may be found out. It doesn’t help that Lady Felicity’s allure has him seeking out her company and enjoying every conversation.

They are drawn together by their shared interests and an undeniable attraction. Yet, they are holding themselves back to protect their own secrets. What will happen when the truth comes out?

Read this sweet and clean regency romance today for a perfect escape with an unforgettable happily ever after. 

A Sister to Beguile

Two nobles convinced love has no place in their future—until their hearts get involved.

A Sister to Beguile

Lady Graciela Sherton, the Earl of Sherton’s youngest daughter, shares none of her sisters’ ambitions for love or marriage—much to her mother’s chagrin. She is happy to spend the rest of her days at her family’s estate, steadfast in her conviction that boring is better. That is, until a threat to her family forces her from her complacent comfort zone.

Lord Alexander Sterling has no intention of marrying. Society might claim he needs an heir, but he’d rather die alone than subject another generation to a childhood like his own. Lady Grace is merely the inconvenient sister-in-law of the duke he is determined to do business with, until her calm nature and generous spirit have him realizing there may be more behind her pretty face.

When Grace and Alex team up to uncover a saboteur threatening the duke’s business, their own preconceived plans for the future are challenged by the conflicted feelings between them. They are both determined to keep their distance, but it’s getting harder to remember why.

A Sister to Beguile is a clean standalone Regency romance with perfect chemistry, memorable characters, a hint of intrigue, and a satisfying happy ending.

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