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The Bequest Book Series

The Bequest Book Series

Georgia Holton, Lillian Shaw, and Sarah Upton each have a different fascinating story. Read about how their lives were affected by one thing they had in common, the Byram bequest.

Ladies of Mayfair Series

Ladies of Mayfair

This fascinating five book series will sweep you of your feet, as you learn about the lives of young ladies in the Regency period London. Their feelings, friendships, and romances vividly unravel in each novel offering a truly satisfying reading experience.

Mayfair Mayhem

Enjoy this three book series set in Regency era England, written by Wendy May Andrews. Be swept away on this sweet romantic suspense adventure as three friends find the happiness they never thought possible.

Orphan Train Series

Read about three young women as they accompany a train load of orphans traveling to their new lives out West. The women find love while helping the children find happiness.
This four book series written exclusively by Wendy May Andrews will stir your emotions as you travel in time to America of 1854.

Think Mail Order Brides except they marry by proxy before they even meet!

Proxy Brides

This large multi-author series has four books written by Wendy May Andrews. In each book the bride doesn’t meet her husband until after they are already married by proxy.
Each has an element of western life and train travel set in 1855. Follow along on their romantic adventure.

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