Orphan Train Series


I’m so excited about this new series. My first time to truly write a series – from the beginning I had planned it to be a series whereas in the past I’ve decided to write a sequel after the first book was already written. It’s an entirely different experience. Also, with these books, I’ve set them in 1854 America which is 50 years later than I usually write and a different country. But I have been really enjoying them. I’m sad to say, I’m almost finished with the writing of the series. Book 3 will be releasing next week and Book 4 is in Second Draft state. I’ve really enjoyed taking tragic circumstances and developing happily-ever-afters for these characters. And the setting allows for all the possibilities. It was such an exciting time! People were only limited by their imaginations in a certain way since technology was slowly exploding onto the scene and the entire vista was suddenly opening up with train travel from both directions in the US.

If you could pick a different time period in history to live, what would you choose?

While I love my Regencies, I think I would pick 1850’s America over Regency England because there were far more opportunities. In the Regency, and in England, it still really mattered who you were born. In America, you could be anybody, your birth didn’t necessarily limit you. No wonder immigration was exploding at that time! Who wouldn’t want a fresh start back then??

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