Research – the Stagecoach



Mr. Andrews and I recently traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina and toured the Wells Fargo museum. They had an actual stagecoach there as well as a replica you could climb around in. This was very exciting for me as both of my new series require stagecoach travel. I never gave it much thought, but I didn’t realize quite how crowded it would be to travel by stagecoach. They had a display of a small suitcase that you would be able to bring with you. There wouldn’t be room for anything else. We complain today about how crowded airplane travel is, but at least you get to your destination within a few hours. Depending where you were going, traveling by stagecoach could take you days or weeks! All cramped in this tiny, dusty space. Whew! I do love writing about the past, but I’m happy to be living in the present 🙂 What do you think, would you have liked to travel by stagecoach?

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