Fitness Friday

Hello! Here in Canada we are just about to start the Victoria Day long weekend which is the official start to summer around here. We have some great travel plans for the weekend which should be lovely. I sure hope you have some lovely plans to.


But the start to summer brings with it the terrifying thought of bathing suit season. If you are a writer or an avid reader, you are probably like me and worry about being sedentary. I’m constantly trying to fight against “writer’s butt” 😀

We live in a beautiful, very walkable city, and I love to take long walks. Here’s a pic of me and my mom out for a walk when my parents were visiting a couple weeks ago. But walking, while lovely, isn’t quite enough to counteract my love of eating. So I also do some workout videos. This morning TurboJam kicked my butt. But in a really good way. I even did it with weighted hand gloves. While I was doing the video I worried that I might not be able to use my arms later in the day 😀 But here I am typing, so I must not be in such bad shape as I thought. Or maybe I won’t be able to move tomorrow…

What about you? As a reader or a writer, do you worry about too much sitting? What do you do to try to fight the battle of the bulge?

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