Feature Fiction Friday – my recommendation

Happy her-imaginary-husbandFriday everyone 🙂 Have you read any good books lately? Please comment if you have any great books to tell me about. I recently read a good book that I wanted to tell you about. It’s a sweet, happy, clean romance that leaves you with a contented sigh when you get to the end. My favorite type.

Her Imaginary Husband, by Lia London, is a light, funny, entertaining read. And best of all, it’s free on Kindle right now! ​

Here’s the blurb:

New teacher, Nikki Fallon, is trying to ward off the lecherous attention of Coach Carlin. She should:
a) slap him silly.
b) report him for harassment.
c) invent an imaginary husband.

Nikki opts for “C” and is not prepared for how the plan backfires! Sure, pretending you’re married to get rid of a jerk is fine, but what if a really nice guy comes along? How can she untangle the web of lies before true love passes her by?

If you love laughing out loud, grab this irresistibly sweet romantic comedy that best-selling romance author Tamie Dearen calls “delectable” and “an absolutely yummy book”.

Download your copy today! ​http://amzn.to/2qHXPUq

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