Feature Fiction Friday – Jean Ann Williams

Today we have Jean Ann Williams talking about her five favorite books.

Here’s a little about Jean:

Author Jean Ann Williams, the eldest in a large family, enjoys digging into her fascinating childhood to create stories for children. Having written over one hundred articles for children and adults, Just Claire is her first book. She’s a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, and Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and she writes regularly on her blog. Jean Ann and her husband live on one acre in Southern Oregon where they raise a garden, goats, and chickens. Her favorite hobbies are hiking through the woods and practicing archery with her bow.

Here are her favorite books:

Are You My Mother? (P.D. Eastman), because my own mother disappeared emotionally and stopped being a mother when I was ten. This book showed me I was looking for a mother figure as a child and teen. Reading it as an adult to my own children helped me in my identity without a real mother.
Hatchet (Gary Paulsen), great writing and boy against wilderness/nature. One of my favorite reads, wilderness/nautre against people.
Holy Bible, King James Version (God), because it is a how-to book for our lives on earth and how-to be received into Heaven after the second coming of Jesus.
Sarah, Plain and Tall (Patricia MacLachlan), great writing and love the simplicity of this historical, with so many deep layers of truth about family.
Hattie Big Sky (Kirby Larson), because I also love historicals about women against nature. Great writing.

Just Claire

Jean has recently released a book of her own, Just Claire:

Tag line: One mother damaged. One family tested. One daughter determined to find her place.
Back Jacket Blurb:
ClaireLee’s life changes when she must take charge of her siblings after her mother becomes depressed from a difficult childbirth. Frightened by the way Mama sleeps too much and her crying spells during waking hours, ClaireLee just knows she’ll catch her illness like a cold or flu that hangs on through winter. ClaireLee finds comfort in the lies she tells herself and others in order to hide the truth about her erratic mother. Deciding she needs to re-invent herself, she sets out to impress a group of popular girls.
With her deception, ClaireLee weaves her way into the Lavender Girls Club, the most sophisticated girls in school. Though, her best friend Belinda will not be caught with the likes of such shallow puddles, ClaireLee ignores Belinda’s warnings the Lavenders cannot be trusted. ClaireLee drifts further from honesty, her friend, and a broken mother’s love, until one very public night at the yearly school awards ceremony. The spotlight is on her, and she finds her courage and faces the truth and then ClaireLee saves her mother’s life.

Available from Amazon: ​http://amzn.to/1Vfz6AY

Jean can be found online:

​Blog: http://jeanannwilliams.blogspot.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeanAnnWilliams
See a trailer for Just Claire: https://youtu.be/s8x5lJKZFHU

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