Feature Fiction Friday – Liwen Ho

Today we have writer Liwen Ho talking about her favorite books as well as her own newest book:

I’m thrilled to be sharing about my favorite books with you today. As an only child for the first ten years of my life, I spent a lot of my time reading. I truly appreciate the beauty of the written word and how stories can take you anywhere, anytime. This is a short, but sweet list of five of my favorite books (and authors).

The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers. Having worked at a crisis pregnancy center before, the topic of unplanned pregnancy is close to my heart. I love how Francine Rivers tackled a very serious issue in a tactful and approachable way. Her writing is also beautiful, like poetry in novel form.
The Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I devoured this series as a kid. Maybe it’s because Anne and Diana remind me so much of my own bosom friend and myself or maybe it’s because I adore love/hate relationships like the one Anne and Gilbert had, but thinking about these books can still bring a smile to my face.
Even the Stars by N. Ceves. This is a sci fi Christian romance I had the privilege of beta reading. What I enjoyed most about this book was how much it made me think about people and robots and yes, even theology. It offers a lot more than you’d expect from a romantic novella and with all the warm fuzzies, too.
Only Uni by Camy Tang. This was the first contemporary Christian book I read by an Asian author and it inspired me to write my own stories. I liked how Camy Tang wrote about real, non-cookie cutter Asian characters and weaved spiritual elements into their personal growth.
Any book by Susan Hatler. She’s my go-to author when I want a short, pick-me-up romance story with heart and humor. She writes believable characters and original storylines, which is not always easy to do as a romance author (believe me, I know!).

Drawn to You

Liwen’s Book, Drawn to You, is now available. I’ve already read it and I loved it!

Can love embrace differences?

Wanted: A man who can handle his alter ego. Quick reflexes recommended.

Feisty and adventurous, art teacher Sam Koo is used to getting what she wants, including talking her way out of traffic tickets. When it comes to money matters though, she’s a lost cause. Her studio is in trouble, and there’s no way of charming herself out of this mess.

Police officer Lucas Choi is the last person she expects to rescue her. Handsome and rule-abiding, he was the best—and worst—part of her high school experience. When they meet a decade later, he’s still on her case and quick to point out her flaws.

Their differences drive each other crazy, but also draw them closer. The attraction is tangible, yet so are Sam’s fears. Will she choose to protect her heart or trust the only man who ever rejected her?


“I hope you know you can’t sweet talk your way out of everything, Sammie Koo.”
Sam’s ears perked up. Where had she heard that line before? Pursing her lips, she took a good look at the officer. Jet black hair. High cheekbones. A dimple in his chin. There was something familiar about him, particularly that dimple. If only she could see his eyes. “Do I know you? No one calls me Sammie anymore.” Her eyes roamed over his well-defined chest and over his name tag again. “Choi. Wait a minute. Lucas Choi, is that you?”
The officer lowered his sunglasses onto the bridge of his nose. “Hey, Sammie. It’s good to see you, too.”
Her jaw dropped when she met his gaze. Those eyes. She would recognize them anywhere. Brown irises so light in color that they had flecks of green and gold in them. Once upon a time those eyes, so uncommon for an Asian, made her envious, but now they completely infuriated her. Judging from his haughty expression, she could tell he was taking way too much pleasure in tormenting her. It figures he went into law enforcement. Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes loved nothing more than following the rules and making those who didn’t pay for it.
Not much had changed since the last time they crossed paths, except that she had her hands free today. She looked around for something to throw, settling for a fistful of candy wrappers, and tossed them at him. “How long were you going to mess with me? I can’t believe you let me beg you for mercy! Stop wasting my time. I know you want to write me up, so do it.”
He brushed off an orange Kit Kat wrapper stuck to his pressed shirt. “Hey now, settle down, Firecracker. I could arrest you for assaulting an officer.”
Heat flared from her neck up to her cheeks, likely causing her complexion to match the red highlights in her hair. Oh, how she hated his nickname for her. “Oh, please. Assault you with what—paper cuts? Or maybe the overpowering aroma of chocolate? If you want to arrest me, Squealer, go ahead. It’s not the first time you got me put in handcuffs.”
“Now, now, there’s no need for name-calling, Miss Koo. We’re both adults here.”
“You started it.” Sam wrinkled her nose at how juvenile she sounded. Why did he have to bring out the worst in her? And how did he manage to look so cool and composed? It wasn’t fair. She swiped at some wisps of hair that were stuck to her damp forehead. “I don’t know why you enjoy tormenting people. What did I ever do to you?”
“Someone has a short-term memory. Need I remind you that you left me to do all the experiments in chem class and then tried to copy my answers? We weren’t assigned as lab partners so you could flirt with the jocks while I did all the work.”
“Ah! I see what’s going on. You were jealous.”
“Of all the attention I got. Admit it. You’re still jealous I got elected Student Body President and you didn’t.”
“You got lucky. There were more guys than girls at school. Of course they voted for the prettier candidate. It was a no-brainer.”
Sam covered her open mouth to feign shock. “Did you just say something nice about me? What’s the catch, Lucas? Do you have a hidden police cam on you?”
“I said you’re prettier than me, but we both know I’m the more handsome one. Let’s not forget who got crowned Homecoming King.”
A genuine smile crossed Sam’s face for the first time that day. Lucas was still as charming as ever, in an annoyingly appealing kind of way. “You’re still such a dork. We both won that night. I was Homecoming Queen.”
“I remember. It was the one time we didn’t try to kill each other.”
“You almost maimed me with your gigantic lead feet. Come on, how hard is it to slow dance without stepping on your partner’s toes?”
“Apparently, very hard when the girl doesn’t allow you to lead.”
Sam crossed her arms and faked a laugh. “Ha! You just don’t know how to handle a strong, independent woman.”
“I think the word you meant to say was stubborn.”

Get it from Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1VMTb2q

Liwen can be found online:
Her website:  www.2square2behip.com
Facebook:  ​https://www.facebook.com/2square2behip
Twitter:  ​@2square2behip




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