When this writing prompt was suggested it was a real challenge to come up with just one thing! The list of things and people I love could be endless: handsome heroes, good movies, dear friends, well-written books, delicious food, my family, animals… I could probably go on all day. But then I finally settled on one thing that could actually encompass almost the entire list – traveling with my husband.

Traveling is one of the most valuable experiences, especially for a writer. You become so much more aware of people and their circumstances when you travel outside of your usual environment. When you can develop empathy for others you will be much better at developing your characters. My husband (whom I love dearly, of course) and I love to travel. In the last couple of years we have been to several States (Florida, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Montana, Wyoming, Michigan, New York, Maryland) as well as other countries: England, France, Italy, Nicaragua, and Dominican Republic. Each place has its unique beauty and value. And we have been enriched by each new experience. As a writer, traveling is also a form of research (which I also love). For example, so far all my stories have been set in Regency era London, so traveling to England and seeing the architecture puts me in a much better position to write believable descriptions of places, rooms, and estates. So traveling is one of the many things I love and I highly recommend it 🙂

4/3/2016 06:58:11 am

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23/10/2017 10:08:54 pm

Almost all people love to travel. To see beautiful places and get the chance to take photos of it is just one of many dreams I have. Personally, traveling is like a therapy for me because I get the chance to disconnect myself from the real world. Every breathtaking scenery I see keeps me away from the stress of the real world! That’s why I call it a therapy. Though it will definitely require enough budget from you, you will be able to maximize it if you had fun!



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